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Media Program Editor. Develop a variety of audio and video media programs in the Vietnamese language, including news reports, talk show episodes, entertainment programs, and special interest pieces. Complete daily projects for radio and video webcast media programs as assigned. Review scripts, briefs, outlines, sketches, and guidelines to determine recording and editing requirements and develop an overall vision for each piece. Plan recording sessions according to the specifications of the media program and work with the sound, lighting, and camera crews to shoot and record footage and dialogue. Monitor recording sessions, operate sound and video equipment as needed, and ensure that all required shots and dialogues are recorded. Compile, organize, and input all recorded material in a centralized computer database for digital storage and use. Edit recorded material, including camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, special effects, and graphics, and assemble material into a finished product that is suitable for public broadcasting. Manipulate raw recorded material using professional audio and video editing software including Fast Edit, Build for Media, and Final Cut Pro. Evaluate final cuts and make corrections and adjustments to scenes, sequences, and transitions as needed. Input sounds, music, dialogues, graphics, special effects, and stylistic flourishes using the tools and features of different video editing programs. Ensure that scenes are logically sequenced, transition and progress smoothly, and that the program conveys the desired message and mood. Stay abreast of the latest technological advances and industry trends in audio and video editing and digital media. Will supervise 3 Editors and 1 Traffic Coordinator.

Requirements: The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Studies or a related field with coursework in digital storytelling and media editing & production. The position requires the ability to shoot and record footage and dialogue using industry-standard sound, video, lighting, and recording equipment; how to edit audio and video material using professional audio and video editing software including Audacity, Fast Edit, Build for Media, and Final Cut Pro; and the ability to read, write, and speak Vietnamese language. The position involves little travel – 24% of work time, several days but less than 60 days per year domestically.

40 hours/week.
Job Interview Site: Westminster, CA
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